Mikoto Yamato

ヤマト・命, Absolute✝Shadow
Race: Human Height: 157 cm 52 Affiliation: Hestia Familia Takemikazuchi Familia temporary leave Level: 2 Skills: Yatanokurogarasu Yatanoshirogarasu Magic: Futsunomitama Weapon: Kotetsu Chizan Shunsan Shakuya Yamato Mikoto is a member of the Hestia Familia and the Takemikazuchi Familia having converted to aid the former during the War Game. Mikoto originally hails from the Far East. Her parents died several years after her birth. Tsukuyomi and Takemikazuchi took the young girl into their orphanage where she lived for years eventually joining the Takemikazuchi Familia. Mikoto and the other members of the Takemikazuchi Familia used to sneak Sanjouno Haruhime out of her mansion at night to play with her. They were eventually caught damaging relations between Haruhimes father and the shrine. They pursued their nightly fun regardless. Two years before the story Mikoto and the other Takemikazuchi Familia members moved to Orario to earn money to help support the shrine. Mikoto has a serious and honorable personality unwilling to use cowardly tactics even in an emergency as shown through her disapproval of Pass Parading the monsters that were chasing them onto the Hestia Familia. She also has a softer side as she cares for the wellbeing of her friends and is fiercely loyal to them.