Kiana Kaslana

テレサ・アポカリプス, 德丽莎·阿波卡利斯, The Chosen One, K-423, Kiana-chan, Mei Starving demon, God Kiana
Kiana Kaslana is one of the main protagonists along with Raiden Mei Bronya Zaychik Theresa Apocalypse and Murata Himeko. She is the 69th successor of the Kaslana family and daughter to Siegfried Kaslana and Cecilia Shania. Her mother died when she was young and her father later abandoned her. She attended various schools before ending up in the same school as Mei and Bronya. She along with her two friends later joins Schicksal enrolls in St. Freyas Academy and becomes a Valkyrja to find out what happened to her parents. Kiana also has rather open feelings for Mei something that among other things sparks her rivalry with Bronya.