Bronya Zaychik

ブローニャ・ザイチク, 布洛妮娅·扎伊切克, Silver Wolf
Bronya Zaychik is one of the main protagonist along with Kiana Kaslana Raiden Mei Theresa Apocalypse and Murata Himeko. She is an highperformance cyborg without emotions who was raised to be a deadly assassin and led to her being the infamous coldblooded sniper the Silver Wolf until she got knocked out by Cocolia and met Seele Vollerei at an orphanage in which unbeknownst to them was actually the supply of experimentation subjects of a project called the X10 Experiment. After losing Seele when she dissolved in a quantum state Bronya entered St. Freyas Academy as a mole of AntiEntropy with hopes of saving her former lover.