Prince Falenas

Hero, Freyjadour
The eldest child of Queen Arshtat and Commander Ferid the Prince of Falena is a kind energetic young boy who takes the best of both parents and becomes a leader and inspiration to many of Falena. Because the Prince is male he has no right to the throne. That goes to Lymsleia the Prince039s younger sister. However the two siblings are extremely close. Lym always listens to her brother and tries to spend as much time with him as possible. As such the Prince is usually pretty leinent with her. Most nobles think male royalty have no use other then for relations to the public and marrying off to foreigners. However Arshtat does not feel this way and her son does many important jobs for the Queendom. He often goes out on tours to different areas of Falena often accompanied by Lady Sialeeds his aunt. Never found far from the Prince039s side is Lyon a Queen039s Knight apprentice and the Prince039s bodyguard. After Ferid took her in Lyon who is close in age to the Prince was always by the Prince039s side. They tried to explore Lordlake039s forest together but were caught before they could. After the tour of Lordlake the Prince039s next duties are related to the Sacred Games. As Arshtat039s representative until she arrives his job is to make sure everything is secure and safe for her arrival. Here he meets Gizel Godwin and the schemes the noble lays. The Prince is deeply affected and angered by this especially after Gizel wins by having opposing gladiators framed and drugged. As the ship bearing the royal entourage leaves Stormfist following the Sacred Games Lord Marscal Godwin reports that the Prince039s entire countenance changed as a result of the Games and that Gizel should beware him. After the Sacred Games the Prince accompanies Lym and Sialeeds to prepare the Princess for her engagement. He takes her to the East Palace to receive the blessing of the Dawn Rune and then to Lunas to be purified in the holy fountain. The Princess finishes her duties and returns home the Prince getting sidetracked by a pair of gold thieves in Lunas and making an extra trip to Raftfleet and meeting Admiral Raja. Making friends with Oracle Haswar of Lunas and Raja would be very important to the Prince Arshtat tells her son upon returning and that time might come soon as Gizel is arriving for the engagement banquet soon. During the banquet the Prince is distressed and he is cautioned by Arshtat and Sialeeds both to act less suspicious. After the banquet ends Gizel springs his trap to eliminate the royal family. However thanks to the planning of Arshtat and Ferid they are ready for him. The Prince Lyon and Sialeeds fight off several assassins and attempt to escape. They are nearly killed by Childerich and Dolph but Kyle and the gladiator Zegai manage to save them. During the siege the Prince runs into Georg who delivers the bad news that the Queen and Ferid were slain. The Prince and Sialeeds flee the castle. They go to the East Palace then to Lunas and finally to Lord Barows039s territory. Although neither royal trusts the old snake they need his might and influence at that time. The Prince and Barows fight together for a time but all the while the royals are on guard. By bringing in Lucretia Merces the Prince hoped to uncover Barows039s plots before it was too late. Lucretia manages to usurp Barows039s plot and hopes to reach an amiable agreement between the Senator and the royal but when Euram blurts out that Salum has the Dawn Rune the Prince immediately goes to investigate with Luserina Barows and Sialeeds. When the Prince discovers the rune it selects him as a host and embeds itself on his right hand. The Prince leaves Barows039s camp and goes to Raftfleet. There the Prince fights on his own and establishes a name for himself without the weight of Barows039s title. By saving the town of Lordlake and then recruiting the other factions to fight against the Godwins the Prince becomes a key rallying figure that many people look to for a better future. Because of his immensely merciful tactics such as a fake attack on Hatred Fortress so the soldiers would evacuate it before the Prince destroyed it with a flood attack many of the common people flocked to his side. As the war turns steadily in the Prince039s favor he is surrounded by betrayals and confusion. When Queen039s Knight Miakis joins with the Prince she reveals the the rumors that the Prince thought were false were actually true: Georg killed his mother. After Lym039s coronation as Queen Lucretia asks the Prince if he could fight his own sister. Finally during a fierce battle in which Lym herself led troops on the front lines so her brother could rescue her in battle Sialeeds betrays him and prevents the royals from coming together and Lyon becoming critically injured by Dolph at the same time. But despite this the Prince perserveres. He gives the Dawn Rune more power by visiting old Sindar ruins so that Lyon can recover and he still leads his troops as Godwin sides with Armes and attacks on two fronts. However in Stormfist the Prince runs into his aunt again who now bears the Twilight Rune. Unlike Queen039s Knight Alenia who could not control the rune or harnass it039s power Sialeeds proves herself clearly capable with it. Finally when it comes to the final stretch the siege of SolFalena the Prince must confront the last vestiges of the Godwin regime. He fights Sialeeds at the dam and the two royals work side by side one last time to prevent Marscal from using the Sun Rune by sealing it with the Dawn and Twilight Runes. But the strain is too much for Sialeeds who has been beaten to the point of exhaustion by the Prince previously and she dies the Twilight Rune passing to Lyon. While entering SolFalena the Prince confronts Zahhak and Alenia and manages to defeat them despite their taking of Raging Nostrum. Finally the Prince enters the throne room where Lym and Gizel await. The Prince and Gizel talk and then duel. The monarch emerges victorious and Gizel dies expressing his regrets. The two royal siblings are finally reunited. But all is not well as Marscal has taken the Sun Rune and fled. Although Lord Godwin could not bear the rune like Queen Arshtat he knows a method to manipulate it039s power. The Prince travels to the Ashtwal Mountains with Lyon to get the Rune back. After a discussion with Lord Godwin the Prince and Lyon battle an incarnation of the Sun Rune039s power. Lyon collaspes from overexerting herself her injuries not fully recovered but the Sun Rune restores her. The Prince removes the Dawn Rune from his hand following the war and places the bust containing the rune inside the Sun Palace so that no problem like Barows stealing the rune could happen ever again. From Suiko Source.