Yuri Fujibayashi

藤林 百合

Usagi's rival. Yuri is clearly more talented than Usagi at ninjutsu, but appears to be threatened by the way Usagi's good-natured and straightforward behavior seems to affect Hanzō. Shortly after she arrives, she attempts to poison Usagi but fails due to Usagi's immunity. Later, she develops a girlish crush (which later develops to full-on romantic feelings) on Goemon, mentioning to Usagi how "lucky" she is to have Goemon so devoted to her. She claimed to have been qualified as a ninja at the age of seven, but Hanzō found out that it was really her twin sister, Yuna. Yuri has always had to live in the shadow of her sister which makes her all the more desperate and ruthless to become a ninja. Yuri means "lily". (from wikipedia)