A 12yearold 13 as of The Cursed Tie boy born on December 2 Garu is a skilled shy and somewhat seriousnatured ninja love interest to Pucca best friend to Abyo. To Pucca039s frustration however he only rarely returns her affection and usually frantically tries to escape when Pucca attempts to kiss him. He is the only sane person that knows that he is not Pucca039s boyfriend while everybody seems to think that Garu returns the same feelings that Pucca has for him. Garu039s feelings are still a mystery to some people but it is quiet obvious how he feels. Anything about Garu039s family is quite unknown except it reveals that in one of the episodes Garu has a little brother named Gura. So far he has only been seen once in an episode called Gura in Town. No real mentioning of his family was made either except for Tobe frequently mentioning his ancestors. One thing revealed Garu is trying to restore his family name. Despite trying to avoid pucca039s advances toward him Garu039s feelings are truthful shown in a caring but not too affectionate towards her. Interestingly enough one can come to two separate conclusions about the truth of Garu039s feelings depending on which series one chooses to follow. In the original Flash cartoons it was suggested that Pucca and Garu were officially a couple and he occasionally gave her boxes of chocolate and other gifts. In one episode he melted down his beloved sword to make a little ring for her and in another he left a rose on her windowsill. The TV series on the other hand has hinted that he does care about her to some extent i.e. getting very defensive when someone insults her like in the episode the Band Played Rong he got upset when Tobe Called Pucca Stupid but it has never been implied that his feelings for her are more than platonic. In truth however it is said that Pucca and Garu are in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. It039s just that Pucca is a bit too quotfriendlyquot unlike Garu who doesn039t want to show quotunnecessaryquot affection. He only fell in love with Pucca in the episode Full Moon Pucca because he was moonstruck. Like Pucca Garu is capable of superhuman athletics and endurance such as running around the entire world without tiring yet she still manages to get the best of him. Like Pucca he does not talk at all in the TV series continuing to only use the sounds from the Flash cartoons. It039s explained in the TV series that he039s taken a vow of silence. However in the episode quotRomancing the Clonequot Garu039s clone speaks throughout the entire episode in an obnoxious manner but only because the clone was accidentally sprayed with a dishonor potion made by Jumong who let Tobe try to spray Garu with it.But in the episode Rootin Tootin Ninja039s while accitentally rolling down the moutain with Abyothat pucca had made earlier in the episode it is heard that Garu actully mumbles quotGet off mequot. This is the only time where Garu is heard saying a sentence. Also to note in the episode Trial by Fury the judge Master Soo says quotSheesh I thought the guy would never shut upquot after Garu takes the stand during the trial although this was done in a comedic and lighthearted fashion. In Secret Santa Garu at one point was about to read aloud to Tobe disguised as Santa at the time his list of things he wants for Christmas but Tobe cut him off as he triggered the trap he sent for Garu. In quotHooray for Bollywoodquot he and Pucca actually both sing. He also cries and screams in pain from breaking his leg in A Leg Up. In Tobe039s nighttime troubles though technically may not count as him talking a cuckoo clock at one point opens to reveal a small wooden figure of him saying in his voice quotCuckooquot In Romancing the Clone Garu has a skill called the quotGarusion Illusionquot allowing Garu to split into many clones and confuse his enemies. Garu has been shown to immediately accept a quest if told it will bring him quotgreat honorquot. The reason for this although not revealed in the TV series to date most likely stems from one of Garu039s ancestors bringing dishonor upon his family as was revealed in the original Flash cartoons. In addition to being a skilled fighter Garu has also demonstrated the ability to play the erhu. Another example of Garu039s talents he has attained the status of 039Fire Wasp Ninja039 becoming a member of the legendary group by the same name. As though to compliment Garu039s talents as a ninja several female characters have been in love with him: Pucca Ring Ring a Swiss girl named Heidi although Heidi has only appeared once in the television series the queen of the giant termites who appeared in the episode Chop Chewie and a female rabbit who lived inside Santa039s magic hat who appeared in the episode Abru Ca Pucca which would suggest that he is rather attractive and said by the nickname quotHandsomequot. Also the show039s english theme song states he is quota pretty boyquot. Unlike Pucca Abyo and Ching Garu lives independently living a small house just outside Sooga Village with his pet cat Mio. Garu039s house as revealed to carry booby traps and other mechanical objects in House of Doom with the traps and object either triggered by Garu by activating certain switches or activated automatically when certain items in the house are removed or touched in any way.