Sachie Wakamura

若村幸千恵, Sachi, Sach, Sa, Sacchan, Sac, Princess
Sachie is the 15 year old protagonist of the story. She has a strong sense of justice and dislikes deceit. Her stubborn nature makes Rakuto039s job all the more challenging. Her father died a long time ago and with the recent death of her mother Sachie finds she has no where to live until her grandfather appears and takes her in. She begins to adjust to having a the head of a yakuza gang as her grandfather and living in a house full of hoodlums. It seems she has inherited yakuza blood she can be very scary when she is mad. Her favorite food is hamburger with egg in it. Because of Rakuto her classmates think she039s a princess she039s a princess but of yakuza. Everyone in the yakuza is very protective of Sachie and are prepared to protect her with their life. Throughout the series she039s seen fighting the urge to fall in love with Rakuto though unsuccessfully.