Major Jack Barbarossa Bancoran

ジャック・バルバロッサ・バンコラン, Bankorakan
Birthday:Dec 25
Major Jack Barbarossa Bancoran of the British MI6 nicknamed Bishnen Killer for his ability to seduce young men with just his eyes. Women are also attracted to him but the only woman hes shown even moderate interest in is Etrange Patalliros mother. Meeting Patalliro has changed his existence after playing bodyguard to the most annoying person hes ever met hes now living with Maraich who tried to kill him and their son Figaro. Bancoran is known for his blue eyeshadow purple in Patalliro Saiyuki his long black hair and the fact that he never takes off his gloves even in bed. When he becomes frustrated or embarrassed he grooms himself like a cat. His name comes from Henri Bencolin. Source: gaiaonline