Birthday:Nov 30
Age:20s (physically), 3700+ (Chronologically)
Blood Type:AB
Height: 189cm 62 Hyoga is a survivor who was revived by Tsukasa Shishio. Initially he was an elite member of the Tsukasa Empire since he was depetrified by Tsukasa. Hyoga has an easy going attitude towards everything. Even in situation that do not work in his favour he still remains calm. While he claims to share the same values as Tsukasa when it comes to only reviving the young and creating a community where no one takes from others Hyoga himself is an elitist who believes in social darwinism. He categorizes humans as either enlightened or strong and unenlightened or weak. He believes that the brainless incompetent masses should not be allowed to live and that only those who excel should be allowed to live. While he does follow a form of social darwinism he does not believe it is only the physically strong who should survive as he wanted Senku to join him in his endeavors and become the strongest duo indicating he respected Senkus intelligence and understood his capabilities. He is very manipulative and cunning seems to be observant and can often be cruel merciless and uncaring. He tends to refer to things as being done properly or not.