Ryuusui Nanami

七海龍水, Ryusui Nanami
Birthday:Nov 11
Height: 187 cm 61 Ryuusui Nanami is the son of the owner of Nanami Conglomorate. He was revived by Senku for his expertise in sailing. His wisdom about adventuring at sea or air makes him indispensable as one of the Five Wise Generals of the Kingdom of Science. He was the Heir to the Nanami Conglomerate and an accomplished sailor. As such he lived a wealthy and lavish lifestyle. PreStone World He has been seen as a greedy playboy rarely seen without the company of beautiful women exotic sports cars and excessive partying. While he is arrogant and greedy it was his greed that fuelled his ambition which was the cause of his great success preStone World. He spent a great deal of time studying and was active in ship making from making small models to building huge ships. The money he earned he put toward bettering himself and the company. Senku deduced that his presence would be beneficial to the Kingdom of Science as his greed does not only apply to himself but to those around him. He pushes and motivates everyone.