Clair Aoki

A female freshman from Shuichis highschool that in the beginning of the series attempts to commit suicide by immolation due to the death of her parents to the hands of a monster. She is saved from this situation by Shuichi. Whilst being saved she discovers Shuichis other form and with this information she later convinces him into doing what she wants him to do. She is a rather smart girl that takes advantage of any opportunity to gain the upper hand in any given situation be it by using her female attributes mostly against Shuichi or by using the enemies secrets and goals against them. She is also quite emotionally complex being very caring and concerned for the people that she cares about while at the same being able to kill someone in order to ensure that she and the people closest to her survive but feeling terrible with herself after the fact. She also massively enjoys the power that comes with teaming up with Shuichi to the point of almost sexual pleasure.