Sabato Kuroi

Skilled pupil of Anotsu Sabur Anotsu Kagehisas grandfather and master Ittry swordsman. Along with his skills with a sword Kuroi has several quirks which includes poetry referencing Black Sabbath appearing whenever he does. In addition Kuroi is so obsessed with ageless beauty that he used taxidermy to preserve the heads of his former wife and Rins mother and mounted them on his shoulders. Along with his sword skills Kuroi uses two shuriken referred to as Karasu or The Crow. He first appears in Conquest part 1 and is later killed by Manji in Conquest part 3. Kuroi Sabatos is inspired by the band Black Sabbath Kuroi Sabato roughly translates into Black Sabbath from Japanese. Kuroi is a direct translation to the color black. Sabato when romanized can be taken as Sabbath. Black Sabbath is one of Hiroaki Samuras favorite bands. Source: Wikipedia