Chiyuki Fujito

Age: 17 Chiyuki is the female protagonist of the series and a model for her fathers company Mille Neige. While praised to be blessed with good looks the proper body proportions and her fathers connections and wealth Chiyuki lacks the minimum height requirement to be a runway model being 158cm 52 tall. Despite this Chyuki dreams of being in the Paris Fashion Week as the representative of her fathers company and aims to be a top model regardless of her short height and what other people thinks of her. Chiyuki is an energetic charming and strongwilled girl who speaks her mind and has a strong competitive spirit especially when trying to prove her worth as a model to people that are dismissive of her. However Chiyuki can also be pushy and selfish at times though her stubborn and blunt nature can be a source of encouragement and motivation to people like Ikuto or Kokoro due their lack of confidence. Aside from being the first person outside his family to support his dream of being a fashion designer Chiyuki serves as a source of knowledge for Ikuto to understand the fashion industry and is essentially Ikutos de facto muse. Among the multifaceted aspects of her relationship with him Ikutos presence is a source of strength and hope for Chiyuki as he is one of the few people that looks past her height to see her talent and she is protective of him in return. As they gradually begin spending more time together even becoming neighbors in the same apartment building Chiyuki realizes she has romantic feelings for Ikuto. After participating in the Geika Festival as Kokoros sole model Chiyuki obtains some success working as an exclusive model for fashion magazine Juvenile and attracting more entertainment jobs though she is indifferent to the latter. Source: Wikipedia