Ikuto Tsumura

Age: 17 later 18 Ikuto has aspired to be a fashion designer and selftaught himself since he was at least sevenyearold but is forced to put his dream on halt due to his financially struggling family. As the oldest child and only son Ikuto helps his mother take care of his sisters and handles most of the housework and initially refuses to go college in lieu of fulltime employment to support his sisters. After befriending Chiyuki and getting a parttime job at Yanagidas studio Ikuto begins working towards his dream of being a fashion designer though his financial situation causes him some setbacks. Despite not having any formal training or experience Ikuto is very intuitive hardworking and a quick learner with a natural talent as a patternmaker. Ikutos innate talent puts him on par with older aspiring fashion designers in the collegelevel Geika festival though Ikuto is noted to have trouble with designing Haute couture by himself since he is used to making readytowear clothes. While typically humble polite and mildmannered Ikuto gradually becomes more assertive confident less selfsacrificing and develops a healthy ego as he becomes more involved in the fashion world. Ikuto has a special relationship with Chiyuki crediting her as the reason for creating the opportunity that allowed him to pursue his dream and their relationship is rooted in mutual feelings of kinship respect support friendly rivalry and romantic tension. After applying for an intern job at Aphro I dite Ikuto quickly distinguishes himself rapidly climbing the ranks of the company and is eventually promoted to chief designer of the Aphro I dite novice branch. Source: Wikipedia