Mariya Mikado

Birthday:Jun 8
Mariya is Mizuhos childhood friend who knows him very well. When it was decided that Mizuho would transfer to the allgirls school she also attends she took it upon herself to transform him into a beautiful girl by use of makeup the school uniform he was to wear and some prostheses. Mariya seemed to have a lot of fun dressing him up as a girl. Mariya has a very spirited personality which she uses often to make sure Mizuho is acting feminine in every way: appearance mannerisms and even speech. This often includes using mild violence. Also she has a temper of which she has little control and which sometimes causes her to do inadvisable things or carry grudges to an extreme such as her grudge against Takako. During most of the time that Mariya has known Mizuho she has always been there as his support whenever he needed her though later on in the series she finds that without her even realizing it he has already managed to stand on his own in terms of selfconfidence and maturity. Initially she is very uneasy about this change and is unsure on how to act towards Mizuho after this revelation. Also she discovers herself to be harbouring some romantic feelings for Mizuho of which she had been unaware herself. Mariya is in the Track and Field Club.