Radium Lavans

Napth Pleminger

As Radium: An extremely experienced LEV pilot and BAHRAM lieutenant. Radium was noted for his extremely high combat skills and experience in running LEVs. Radium was transferred to be the test “runner” for a new type of weapon to be used to regain Mars’ independence. The weapon in question is a prototype Orbital Frame codenamed, “Idolo”. Following an initial test run of the frame, Radium is almost killed due to the massive power output from the Metatron used in the frame's body, power train and main systems. However, he manages to get to grips with the frame's controls and displays an unbelievable level of skill in running Idolo. When Viola is given a test run in Idolo, it becomes clear that Metatron is much more powerful than had previously been thought and the frame has established some kind of connection with Radium. Idolo has a strange effect on him as the more he runs the frame, the more insane he appears to get. After a UNSF team manages to infiltrate the BAHRAM testing base and take several hostages, including Radium’s lover – Dolores Hayes – Radium boards Idolo in order to rescue them. However, Dolores tragically dies in his arms in the cockpit. Refusing to believe his lover is dead, Radium suffers from hallucinations while under fire from BAHRAM LEVs ordered to destroy the frame to stop the technology falling into Earth’s hands. It is during this attack that Radium dies when the frame is destroyed. As Napth: A businessman, he uses his appearance as cover to hide his secret identity as BAHRAM military leader. He has reasons for hating the UNSF. In truth, Napth is in fact Radium Lavans, the pilot of the first Orbital frame, and the fiancée of Dolores Hayes. After the Deimos incident, he was resurrected and rebuilt into a cyborg by BAHRAM.