Yasuaki Abe no

Birthday:Sep 14
One of the Hachiy he is the Genbu of Earth. Yasuaki is an Onmyji and the successor to the famous historical Onmyji Abe no Seimei. Unlike his fellow Hachiyou Yasuaki was not born a human but created through Abe no Seimeis magical skill and crafted into his current form through that same ability in the manga he even talks about Seimei using a Tengus power to help form him although this is not explained in the anime. For this reason despite having the physical appearance of a twenty one year old adult male Yasuaki has only actually been alive for two years. This in many ways explains his emotional simplicity and naivety since he has not yet learnt many of the things his companions have grown up absorbing. For the most part Yasuaki is a composed detached individual that operates largely on logic and is sometimes perceived as cold or strange. When it appears that Eisen will die if he exorcises the eightstringed Kin Yasuaki states the fact bluntly and without any concern because he sees it simply in black and white to save the Miko a Hachiyou must be prepared to do his duty. As he puts it If there is no Miko there is no point in the Hachiyou. When Yasuaki was born Seimei told him he had been born to find someone important to him and that he lacked something as a person a heart which could not be crafted. For this reason Yasuaki has accepted his masters words as meaning hes not a real person and therefore does not count in the same way as his Hachiyou companions. He believes he is the Mikos tool in the manga he is worried that he is broken because he can no longer read Akanes heart although Akane explains to him that that just makes him like every other person and that hes not broken at all In the anime he tells her that a tool that no longer works has no option but to be destroyed after Shirin tells him that he will never be able to find the Northern Seal. In the anime his ignorance of human feelings make him tell Ran the memories that to that point had been concealed from her driving her back to the Oni clan and causing a lot of trouble for the Hachiyou. In the manga it is when he releases Kotengus seal and sends him into battle against Ikutidaru only to have the creature apparently slain at the demons hands. Yasuaki has many odd habits during the anime and the manga including talking to trees possessing small animals to convey messages and even casting spell dolls to help him do the cleaning. Although undoubtedly the most powerful of the Hachiyou at the start he is also probably the most vulnerable on account of his background and his origins. Yasuakis developmental stages and childlike naivety are more clearly outlined in the manga also at one point he asks why people tell lies but later winds up lying to Akane himself to protect her from the grief of Kotengus apparent passing away. This act tortures him for some time afterwards and he withdraws from Akanes company completely convinced she must be angry with him for telling her a lie. Yasuakis most commonly said phrase in the manga and the anime is mondai nai no problem a catchphrase which was even picked up on and exploited in one of the live Haruka Matsuri festas. He also often says wakaranai I dont understand usually when relating to some human nuance that he hasnt managed to grasp yet.