Nobuko Kataoka

A member of the Drama Club some parts she has played include LadyInWaiting in Swan Princess and the Lady Capulet in Romeo and Juliet during the Cultural Festival though she typically writes most of the adaptations of the plays the Drama Club performs. Shes a great writer and it is stated that she has a book published that she wrote that includes her friend Misaki and Yoshirocirc. Also she Yoshirocirc and Misaki are originally from another manga called Mokugekisha quotEyewitnessquot. In the 12th book of the series Nobuko claims to think of TokiSenpai to be like a father to her. He also shows a lot of care and worry for Nobuko in this volume and previously in volume 5 when she was taken away during the joint assembly when a group of thieves take her hostage. In the rest of the series it is implied that the two have probably gotten together especially when Nobuko disarms Tokisenpai with ease during a rather hostile confrontation with Makoto. from wikipedia