Goro Miura

Father to Ito and her three brothers and husband to Satsuki deceased. He is the eldest son of Mitsuko Miura and was heir to the family until he withdrew from the family to marry Satsuki. He cares deeply for his family and is especially fond of Ito since she is the only girl. He is an otherwise easygoing if sometimes absent and eccentric parent but is particularly hard on his childrens choices for marriage. He wants their mates to have good eyes and to be able to meet his gaze as a sign of sincerity integrity and a strong will. In spite of friction resulting from his strong views and overprotectiveness he has been supportive of his childrens choices allowing them to live freely as he and his wife wanted them to. Although he tends to let his stubbornness and foolishness get in the way overall he is a wise and understanding person. Source: Wikipedia