Adele Von Ascham

アデル・フォン・アスカム, 栗原海里, Kurihara Misato, Mile
Adele von Ascham is the protagonist of the series. Before dying she was a Japanese girl named Misato Kurihara. Though she had forgotten about her previous life for the first few years since her birth one day when she was ten she remembered everything with a strong headache. She is told about Nanomachines by The Creator and realizes that she can talk with them. At that time Adeles thought wave output is about half of the elder dragon species about 6800 times as strong as the usual human and the authority level to use Nanomachines is 5 normal creatures are basically level 1. She entered Eckland Academy under the guise of living as an ordinary girl but she failed to hide her ability. Due to this Adele deserted Eckland Academy and left her home country. Signing up to be a Hunter she gave herself the alias of Mile and proceeded to attend the Hunters Prep School on the recommendations of Hunter staff where she met members of her party The Crimson Vow. Source: Wikipedia