Kanou Nozomu

加納望, Kanon
An emissary from Queen Earth Kanou was sent by Princess Helena to search for the Flower of Life and the legendary Nurse Angel in order to fight Dark Joker and save Queen Earth. In battle he fights using a sword and Psionic powers. He adopts the earthly disguise of a 6th grader at White Dove Academy . Kanou becomes Ririkas mentor after she accepts her duty as Nurse Angel but he harbors doubts about whether she is capable of managing her task without him. He is a serious dutybound character rarely smiling and when he does so it is mostly at Ririka. His desperate search for the means to save Queen Earth has left him physically drained and his health seems to be failing. Sensing that he will soon be defeated by Dark Joker Kanou gives a portion of his power to Seiya and entrusts his mission to him.