Touma Kazamatsuri

風茉莉 冬馬, Matsuri-chan

Touma Kazamatsuri is a glasses wearing bookworm, with short, messy dark hair. She dislikes her hair in the morning, as it is a bad bedhead. She also seems to have a connection with a hair elastic. Touma also has a collection of plushies, which sit on top of her bookshelf at home. She prefers to be by herself alone in a quiet place, preferably the library. She also dislikes P.E class. Although Touma is easily annoyed by Torako's interference and she seems to dislike Torako on the surface, she is actually a good friend of Torako's, and cares for her (though she tries not to show it.) She and Torako made a promise of becoming mutual friends, when they made a visit to the Kamizono Academy and met each other by chance. Touma has an older sister which she often fights with.