Tobikichi Usahara

兎原跳吉, Usao, Myougamaru, Myogamaru
Birthday:Mar 3
Blood Type:O
Height: 182cm 6 He wears the costume of a rabbit while on stage. He is the target of Uramichis stress and as such Usahara fears him. Because of his fear of Uramichi Usahara makes sure to avoid eye contact with him by not removing his mask often. Usahara gossips about Uramichi behind his back and once he notices Uramichi around him he freezes in fear. His partner Mitsuo Kumatani often tells Uramichi what Usahara thinks of him and this frustrates Usahara of how easily Mitsuo can betray him. Regardless he still drinks out with Uramichi and Kumatani and often visits Uramichis home.