Dusanyu Abriel

ドゥサーニュ, Ablïarsec Néïc Lamsar Larth Barcœr Dusanh, Imperial Prince Abriel Dusanyu
Born: I.C.Y. 920 4202 A.D. Race: Abh Hair Color: Sky blue Eye Color: Darkblue/gray Social Class: Nobility Crown Prince Domain: Barke Kingdom Abriel Dusanyu is the heir to the throne of the Humankind Empire of Abh. He has served as the longstanding CommanderinChief of the Star Forces. He was born three months prior to Abriel Dubeusec who is second in command to him. Dusanyu was born into nobility as a Prince of the Humankind Empire of Abh. Due to his highly successful career in the Star Forces he ascended to the rank of Imperial Admiral thus making him eligible to ascend to the Jade Throne currently held by the 27th Empress Abriel Ramaj. During his long career he often faced fierce competition from his cousin Abriel Dubeusec. Both men were of nobility and equally eligible to one day ascend to the throne. However as dictated by Abh law any eligible prince must ascend through the ranks of the Star Forces to become an Imperial Admiral the highest rank of all in order to be in line for the throne. Although Dusanyu superseded his cousin for the position of Imperial Admiral Dubeusec could one day make the rank of Imperial Admiral and succeed his cousin as the 29th Emperor of the Humankind Empire of Abh. It can be assumed from his high status and his symbolic position that he held a high position from the outset once he joined the Star Force. Additionally Dusanyu bore a greater interest in foreign cultures than most Abh did. Dusanyu continuously trained and fought in high commanding positions. He led military operations to claim the Martine system which later became the Earldom of Hyde under Rock Linn father of Jinto Linnhttps://anilist.co/character/3130/JintoLinn. Dusanyu lives up to the typical nature associated with Abriels in that he is calculating and serious at almost all times. The only times it can be seen that he has a more childlike nature is in the presence of his subordinate Admiral Kenesh. He seems to have traits almost identical to her a high analytical nature and always planning for any and all contingencies for the sake of the empire. He also bears in mind longterm strategies for his plans which is a characteristic unique to him. Source: The World of Seikai Wiki edited