Hime Yarizakura

Birthday:May 4
Species: Human Height: 161 cm Occupation: Mayor Hime Yarizakura is the mayor of Sakurashin Town and works together with the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office. She is the main protagonist of the series. Most of Hime beliefs stem from her grandmothers teachings. Hime is very devoted to her town and the people that inhabit it and goes to great efforts to ensure that the citizens enjoy living in Sakurashin Town. She is very kind and forgiving allowing many of her previous enemies to live in the town and refrains from killing. Hime will often put the needs of the town and its citizens before the needs of her own. At times Hime can behave childish crying for food and being too stubborn to backdown from her position. Despite this Hime does acknowledge the mistakes she makes and does her best to resolve them.