Aeolia Schenberg

Aeolia Schenberg is a fictional character of the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 00. A historical figure head who has discovered a new type of powerful energy as well the way to produce it. He used his discoveries and theories to form a private arms intervention group Celestial Beings which use incredibly strong Mobile Suits: the Gundams. The name Schenberg may be a reference to the Brazilian electrical engineer and physicist Maacuterio Schenberg. His historical significance bears a resemblance to that of the Russian rocket scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky the realworld originator of the orbital elevator concept. After the initial appearance of the Gundams a message from Aeolia Schenberg was broadcast to the entire world. In it he stated the goals and methods of Celestial being as well as the Gundams they were using to achieve those goals. An extensive investigation by government and civilian sources revealed that Aeolia Schenberg had recruited numerous experts in various scientific and technological fields centuries ago using his vast financial wealth and influence as well as the fact that he was the last of his line.