Yukari Takara

Birthday:Mar 6
Blood Type:O
Height: 164 cm 5039 5quot Handedness: Lefthanded Residence: Setagaya Ward Tokyo Metropolis Zodiac Sign: Pisces Strong Subject: None Weak Subject: Many Yukari Takara is Miyuki Takara039s mother who tends to be very wellmannered but can be a bit of a klutz. She is warm and friendly once talking with a telemarketer for over an hour and has a mischievous sense of humor. Yukari039s hair is short and unlike her daughter she does not wear eyeglasses. She doesn039t like to do household chores which explains why she isn039t very skilled with household items. On one occasion she thought that a colored candle was a popsicle. Yukari is often mistaken for Miyuki039s quotbig sisterquot rather than mother proper due to her youthfully cuddly appearance which combined with her adorably cheerful personality and endearing clumsiness has resulted in her being regarded as moe a trait not common for women in anime in their thirties. Wikipedia