Kio Kaidou

海堂 貴緒
A friend and classmate of Soubis. They are both art students and in volume 6 Kio tells Ritsuka Im probably Souchans only friend. It is all but explicitly said that Kio is homosexual and most of his early dialogue is filled with flirtations and passes at Soubi despite being gently ignored or indirectly rejected each time. Despite his early presence as a character who exists solely to create a lighter atmosphere among a very dark story he gradually gains depth and justifies his existence as the story progresses. He becomes a loud voice that champions pacifism and selfworth. This contrasts strongly against Soubis submissive nature that willingly accepts violent treatment and strongly desires to be completely controlled albeit from only very certain people. More significantly Kios views are shared by Ritsuka. Together they provide a very blackandwhite atmosphere that allows only one line of thinking. Source: Wikipedia