Kouchuu Kanshou

黄忠 漢升/紫苑(しおん), Shion
The equivalent of Huang Zhong. Anime version A skilled Archer with great eyesight and incredible skill in Archery. She is a noble woman who loves her daughter Riri. In the anime her daughter was kidnapped by bandits and they tried to force her to assassinate an official that had been cracking down on bandits. Kanu and her friends rescued the child before the assassination could take place. She later joins Kanus group as a way to repay the debt she feels she owes. Visual novel version: Her daughter Riri was kidnapped by Enshs men to make Kch fight Kazutos army. Thanks to Chun Kazutos group rescuing Riri and returning her to Kch she sees how Kazuto is a good person and she offers her services to him to fight at his side. She loves Kazuto and teases him frequently. wikipedia.org