Kokoro Hasegawa

Kokoro is a young aspiring hardworking fashion designer firstyear student at the Geika Institute of Fashion and parttime model at Bon Rouge. Being 181cm 511 tall with a shy submissive and meek personality Kokoro is rather selfconscious about her height though she became less bothered by it when she was scouted in high school. Despite being talented as a model Kokoro dislikes the nuances the job includes but her feelings of debt towards her manager Igarashi and her lack of confidence prevents her from quitting. Upon befriending and working alongside Ikuto at Yanagidas studio Kokoro gradually begins to be more courageous and challenging herself due his encouragement though she is still prone to selfdoubt and worries. During the Geika Festival Kokoro and Chiyuki make a bet with Igarashi to let her quit modeling if Kokoro wins first place in the competition which she does. Following her period abroad to study in Paris Kokoro returns to Japan to work for Tohs upcoming brand. Kokoro greatly values her relationship with Ikuto and comes to realize she has romantic feelings for him. Source: Wikipedia