Darren Shan

Vampire Prince
Darren was always fascinated by spiders. When he was young he used to bring spiders from the garden and let them loose in his house and at the age of 9 he received the greatest gift of his life: a small tarantula. However the joy of that gift was crushed when he after watching a cartoon killed the spider with a vacuum cleaner. For this reason Darren makes the statement that life unlike a cartoon is naturally evil doesnt care about happy endings and is always out to kill you. You just have to be careful. When Alan brings a paper advertising a Freak Show they face off for the ticketsthey are only given two by the sales person and Steve and Darren are the lucky ones. They go to the freak show but Steve finds out that one of the performers the spiderwielding Mr. Crepsley is a vampire. Shocked to know that Steve wants to be a vampire and that Steve has evil blood Darren flees home. That conflict is put aside as Darren then realizes that he can in fact own Madam Octa Mr. Crepsleys deadly performing spider. Darren steals Madam Octa the spider from the Cirque du Freak and develops a telepathic connection with her. However when he is demonstrating his control over her to his best friend Steve Leopard his sister Annie startles him and his control over her is lost giving Madam Octa the chance to bite Steve. He goes to hospital but none of the doctors can figure out what type of poison it is. Darren goes to Mr. Crepsley for the cure and the vampire gives Darren an offer: Darren must become his assistant and he will help Steve to survive. Darren agrees and is blooded by Mr. Crepsley. He fakes his own death and leaves his hometown to follow his life as a vampire. source: wikipedia