Ai Shinozaki

篠崎愛 , コレクター・アイ (Corrector Ai)
Shes a dark and mysterious girl who becomes a Corrector on her own in the 2nd season after the Teddy Bear of the missing little girl named Ichan stole Yuis original ComCon for Ai so she could help his little mistress. Her bitter experience in the past seems to be the reason for her cold apathetic demeanor as a mask to protect herself she actually wants to save her mother Azusa who is in a coma after an accident in the net. While at most times she performs her job with mostly cold nononsense efficiency Yuis compassionate actions sometimes make her think twice and then go out of her way to help Yui. The Correctors distrust her but Dr. Inukai actually think shes not a bad person letting Ai keep the ComCon after she promises to give it back to him when shes done dealing with the reason that made her take up the Corrector tasks. Source: Wikipedia