Lyserg Diethel

Race: Human Birthday: 17th May 1986 Starsign: Taurus Blood type: AB A British Shaman and a traditional dowser whose parents were killed by Hao. Lyserg has dramatic interactions with all of the main characters at some point and though he travels with them for a long time he fights against Yohs team more than once during the series. Pre XLaws: When Lyserg first encounters Yohs group he attacks then to determine their strength hospitalizing both Ren and Horohoro with one attack. After Yoh knocks some sense into him Lyserg calms down and they welcome him to come along as they search for the Patch Village. Lysergs father Liam Diethel wanted him to be a detective. Lysergs mother and father were murdered by Hao when he was six years old. Lysergs name is pronounced differently in the English anime so that its not a recreational drug reference lysergic acid diethylamide. His spirits Japanese name Morphine is also a drug reference morphine. She is called Morphea in the English manga and Chloe in the English anime. He is apparently so beautiful that Ryu could mistake him for a girl. For his character Lyserg is rather unstable when it comes to parentchild situations. He has a generally kind heart although he becomes a bit of an antihero. Lysergs dreams are to take revenge on Hao and to become a great detective much like his father. He is very passionate in his hatred for Hao and will snap at the sight or sometimes even the mention of him. He is the most intelligent of the five warriors. Source: Wikipedia