Christine Hanakomachi

花小町クリスティーヌ, Chris
Birthday:Sep 2
Blood Type:AB
Height: 163 cm Christine Hanakomachi commonly known as Chris is one of Miyu friends and the girl who likes Kanata the most. Shes half French wealthy and known for her unbelievable strength when she gets jealous especially after making assumptions about Miyu and Kanatas relationship. Chris has violet eyes and pink wavy hair slightly often tied in a red ribbon. When wearing casual clothing she often wears princesslike dresses usually ruffled. Chris is a wellmannered lady but commonly makes assumptions and rages when Kanata gets close to other girls especially Miyu. This causes her to break anything close to her but quickly restores it to its original state upon an explanation. Because of this Kanata first warns Miyu about getting close to him which Miyu misunderstood thinking he may like Chris at the beginning of the series. Chris is unable to make direct contact with Kanata as she always blushes and stutters in front of him. Chris first met Miyu along with Kanata during their first day of school. She happened to see Kanata talking with Miyu and wondered who she is. Despite being told theyre cousins she doubts their relationship. The only visible adult in her household is the Hanakomachi butler Mr. Shikada whos dressed in a deer costume. Hes been dressed as a deer since deers have made Chris happy since her childhood. Her favorite pastimes include skiing and horseback riding.