Haruna Kisaragi

Yuis best friend.She has a politecalmand caring personality.Her intelligence and innate ability with computers makes her a perfect candidate for Corrector as expected by Dr. Inukai.From the beginning she was supposed to be a Correctorbut I.R. confused her with Yuithanks to Grossers intervention. When Dr. Inukai was passing Corrector tasks and abilities to hershe got manipulated by Grosserwho turned her into Dark Angel Harunabut she was eventually saved by Yui.In the 2nd seasonshe again returns as a Corrector to assist Yuifirst when Yui got petrified by infected insectsand laterwhen she helps Yui until the end of the 2nd season.Curiouslyshe can use Element Suits more effectively than Yui. By WeskerCDA