Leonhard Aschenbach

Leon, Sir Leonhard
Austrian genius musician. Nickname is Leon. Birthday August 1 1923. Born in Salzburg Austria. Composer of the Alpenrose song which is a song used by the resistance to show their opposition against the Nazi regime. He has a rare musical talent and has been called The Return of Mozart since childhood. A beauty that does not give a sense of incongruity to dress up as a pursuit twice for volume 3 and 6 in the original and only once in episode 8 for animation. One of the few who knows Judy before age 6. Although his parents were anti Nazi and Leon himself was also antiNazi he was monitored by the Nazis but continued to compose in secret. In 1939 when the new song Austrian Symphony was premiered at a concert hosted by Nazi there was an incident in which the melody of Alpenrose an antiNazi song was incorporated into the third movement and Leonhard fled to Switzerland. It became known to the public and was called AntiNazi Hero and later became the subject of Nazi assassination. While working together he comes to think about Jeudi. She confessed while knowing the size of Lundis presence in her but after that she was shaken and since then she has a good friendship with the two. When Lundi suffered a serious drowning injury he improvised and played the 3rd Alpenrose on the radio to encourage and help Jeudi.