Regene Regetta

Regene is calm cunning and somewhat manipulative. As an Innovator he is shown to have the ability to communicate nonverbally with Ribbons with their minds linked directly to Veda he later uses his ability to use quantum brainwaves in conjunction with Veda upon Tieria where he manipulates Tieria039s mind by speaking through a voice resonating inside his head. Regene speaks very personally with Ribbons often asking him several questions as to how much of the world039s activities are direct results of his manipulation. For some reason Regene seems to dislike Revive Revival regarding him with distaste at the latter039s first appearance. Despite working closely with each other for the realization of a mutual goal Regene appears to be pulling some strings of his own behind Ribbons039 back. Ribbons finds his quotfree spiritquot incredibly troublesome and somewhat of a hindrance to his plans. As a result many fans of the series believe Regene is plotting against Ribbons for his own means at the very least. What this means for Celestial Being however is unclear.