Mei Haruna

春名 メイ
He is a young effeminate high school boy who was raised by his witch mother as a girl and always thought himself as female despite the physical differences between himself and normal girls. Like his mother he too can use magic though he is not an expert especially when it comes to transformation magic. Mei has a talking familiar white cat named Abel which gives advice to Mei though cannot be used effectively until Mei becomes more proficient in magic...Despite not being born female Mei has a slender build and a feminine face which makes him easily mistaken for the opposite sex. Mei scares easily and has been known to rely on his roommate Fka Honj for support when he is scared or nervous. He is weak when being taken advantage of by the student council president Seira Rind and puts up little resistance in such instances. Mei tends to be clumsy and often trips resulting in him falling onto the ground Wikipedia.