Gabimaru Rikiya

Gogul, Goggles
At first sight one might think that Gogul with his scarred face and cybernetic eyes is the muscle of the three. Although he IS immensely strong his greatest strength is his mind. Gogul is a firstclass computer hacker and is capable of breaking the most complicated codes. Before his capture he worked with a fellow hacker Sara where they hacked a military code and held it for ransom. Even though he seems calm well read and levelheaded Gogul is a man capable of extreme violence. He is capable of wielding weapons of massive firepower. And if forced to he is an able handtohand fighter able to rip the biggest person to shreds with his bare hands. Additional Facts: BORN: Shanghai China Ward PX43 NATIONALITY: n/a RESIDENCE: Mens Prison Cell block 9218 CRIMES: No. 158763242830 158761225273 Murder Assault Destruction of public property Destruction of private property Possession of illegal weapons Disturbing the peace Breaking city bylaws Breaking criminal regulations Sentenced to 310 years Possibility of parole: 0.013 Source: Absolute Anime