Merill Yanagawa


Birthplace: Earth, ED-6
Elcion Residence: Men's Prison, Cell block 6832
Crimes: No. 15894-1-5, 15892-2, 15894-7; Murder; Assault; Forgery of currency, bonds and data; Breaking M.C. regulations; Forging identification; Embezzlement; Damage to public property; Breaking aviation and space laws; Breaking criminal regulations
Sentenced to 295 years
Possibility of parole: 0.008%
Additional - special suspended sentence

An albino, Merill Yanagawa, better known as Benten, is another one of the cyber criminals enlisted by Hasegawa to fight crime in Oedo. A trained sniper, he can pick off a target accurately even when it's moving and he's facing direct sunlight. However, his specialty is silent weapons. His weapon of choice is a monowire, which is placed in his right ring. With that, along with his natural agility and acrobatic moves, Benten can cut anything from tool-grade steel to human flesh. Because of his effeminate looks, Benten is often the butt of Sengoku's jokes. However, he shrugs them off as he does his job. His other talent is astrology. He is often looking to the alignment of the stars to find omens within them. Most of the time, the omens are bad.

(Source: Absolute Anime)