Birthday:Nov 27, 2122
Age:19 (Flash: 17)
Blood Type:A
Birthday: in Flash January 1 2231 Kei is a Trouble Consultant with the WWWA an intergalactic peace organization with military interventionist tendancies. She and her partner Yuri are genetically enhanced making them excellent fighters. Together they are charged with taking care of problems for the WWWA often involving bountyhuntertype activites assasination and occasion diplomatic missions. Wherever the two travel massive destruction occurs this has given the two the nickname Dirty Pair. Whole planets sometimes begin evacuation when word of their arrival spreads. For that reason they travel discreetly whenever possible. Kei is the more assertive of the two. She flirts with men constantly often leading to trouble and is a vicious spoilsport with a short fuse. Her weapon of choice is usually a very large gun and she gets very excited when given an opportunity to fire a huge weapon. She has a tendancy towards violence and overreacting which is tamed by Yuris mild demeanor and contemplativeness. It can be said that while Kei is a total horndog for men she truly deeply cares about only one thing and thats Yuri. Kei has bright red hair which becomes twotone yellow and deep orange in the sequel series Dirty Pair Flash. She is rather lean and athletically built. Source: Absolute Anime edited