ユリ, Danny, Julie
Birthday:Mar 18, 2122
Age:19 (Flash: 17)
Blood Type:A
Birthday: in Flash March 3 2231 Yuri is a Trouble Consultant with the WWWA an intergalactic peace organization with military interventionist tendencies. She and her partner Keihttps://anilist.co/character/15652 are genetically enhanced making them excellent fighters. Together they are charged with taking care of problems for the WWWA often involving bountyhuntertype activities assassination and occasion diplomatic missions. Wherever the two travel massive destruction occurs this has given the two the nickname Dirty Pair. Whole planets sometimes begin evacuation when word of their arrival spreads. For that reason they travel discreetly whenever possible. Yuri is demure and doesnt speak as often or as loudly as Kei. Yuri likes romantic men and longs for her childhood sweetheart Billy Galet. She uses is small caliber hand blaster as her weapon of choice and is often ridiculed by Kei for using such a wimpy gun. She also likes using the elegant yet often ineffective bloody card as a weapon. This razorlike rectangular throwing weapon is often worn as earring jewelry. Yuri is a deepthinking pacifist compared to her partner but will engage in extreme tearfilled violent acts of vengeance whenever Kei is harmed. Sometimes it is difficult to tell if these are the actions of a motherfigure or an unrequited lover. Additionally Yuri displays hostile jealousy towards the many men in Keis life. Yuri is a very caring individual but when it comes to Kei the caring reaches an amazing new order of magnitude. The two have known one another since at least gradeschool and are at a minimum best friends on rare occasion hinting at something more beneath the surface. Source: Absolute Anime edited