Joshua L. Balboa

A former member of Yietta's military, Joshua L. Balboa is the navigator aboard the Cha-Cha Maru. A somewhat pragmatic, yet fun-loving individual, Balboa tends to second-guess everyone's decisions, mostly because of his military background. This quirk about him led to an argument with fellow crewmember Mikhail. However, when worst comes to worst, he can be counted on to back up Tita, as well as rescuing his captain and Elysse when Tita is gravely injured by a rogue military faction lead by Guizel. Besides being an excellent navigator, Balboa is also a tactical wizard because of his military experience. That is why even equipment used to snare cloud whales and jellysnakes can be turned around to attack and defend the Cha-Cha Maru against torpedoes and underwater lasers when Tita decides to take on Guizel when the tyrant uses the Gravity Defusion Array against the artificial colony on Yietta. (source: Absolute Anime)