Kiriko Masaki

正木 霧恋, Kiriko Masaki Jurai
Seina039s childhood friend Kiriko Masaki would often be tending to the many injuries that Seina would suffer from his bad luck. She cares for Seina deeply and would fight to protect him from further harm. Even her younger brother Kai would help out Seina in repairing or otherwise constructing from new the bicycles that would be wrecked because of Seinarsquos bad luck. What was not known about Kiriko was that she actually has blood ties to the Jurai royal family... a small tie but it exists she039s also older than she appears... she039s 33 but looks 21. Even Kai was unaware of their connection and wouldnrsquot find out until Kirikorsquos wedding. For a time because of this Kiriko was one of Seto Kamiki Jurai039s ladiesinwaiting and that connection helped Kiriko to gain a position with the Galaxy Police039s immigration department where she worked when she wasnrsquot on Earth. It was while Kiriko was working in the G.P.039s immigration department is when she found out that Seina had enrolled in the G.P.. Immedietly she pleaded to the boy without success for him to leave. Soon afterward she was assigned to the G.P. Academy along with Amane Kaunaq. During Seina039s training she had moved into Amane039s house at the Academy along with Erma although it was more to keep an eye on Amane and keep her from making a move on Seina. It was later on in the series that Kiriko began to feel inadequate compared to the other women in Seina039s life ndash Amane Ryoko Balta and more recently Neju Na Melmas. It was after an experiment using Seto039s ship Mikagami that her life would be changed. In a ceremony witnessed by Seto039s husband Utsutsumi and Emperor Azusa Kiriko was bonded to a secondgeneration Jurai tree thus giving her the name Kiriko Masaki Jurai. The tree039s name is Miyuki and now aided Fuku in powering the Kamidake II the ship she shared command with Seina and Amane. Like Amane Ryoko and Neju Kiriko was later engaged to wed Seina in a political marriage... and like to the others was witness to Seina being kidnapped and publicly seduced by Setorsquos ladiesinwaiting who were actually representatives of the Rezma Union who appealed for Jurai039s help. As a result Kiriko as well as the Rezmans Amane Ryoko and Neju wed Seina and are still assigned to the Kamidake II possibly the only crew in the G.P. that are all married to their captain. As a G.P. officer Kiriko has access to much of the G.P.039s standard complement of weapons and training in their use as well as her Jurai strength. In one episode she demonstrated the use of one of these ndash a bodysuit that featured cloaking technology which enabled her to attack with complete surprise. Also in the heat of battle Kiriko tends to concentrate solely on battle and not on the environment around her ndash which was why when she approached Tarant Shank ndash covered in the blood of her previous opponents she became surprised to find that Seina had seen her. source: Wikipedia