Souichiro Kadotake

It is any wonder why Souichiro Kadotake would even want to work for the Livelihood Preservation Agency. For a mysteriously heavilyfunded agency that specializes in exorcising ghosts Souichiro has distinguished himself by being absolutely terrified of ghosts. In fact the medium whose contact he is ndash Misaki Saiki ndash has to virtually haul his body inside a supposedly haunted house. And whenever shes in a hurry to get to the SampM club she works at Misaki sometimes uses Souichiros car to change into her fetish leathers often distracting Souichiro while he drives... the end result usually being a minor accident. However as scared as he is with ghosts Souichiro is the opposite when facing the living... especially hoods and yakuza punks. Souichiro is an excellent martial artist and is capable of crippling... or if he wanted to killing whoever attacks him. He especially finds punks who attack him from behind disgusting and will often deal with them as such. Because he often dresses in the manner of your average Japanese salaryman Souichiro is often underestimated. But his fighting skills are useless when faced with Misaki... mostly because he is intimidated by her even when he drags the oftenreluctant Misaki to ghosthunting assignments. Source: Absolute Anime