Rio Kinezono

甲子園 利緒
Rio is the character that most resembles her counterpart from W and Excess bearing very similar character designs and personality traits. Still blond and large breasted this version of Rio is just as good at physical combat as her previous incarnation. She is even able to dodge bullets fired at her. While still quite violent when she gets outraged Rio does appear to be more tame and less wild in normal social situations. Also unlike the previous Rio who seeks a wealthy man to marry so she can quit her job and live off his money this Rio seems to genuinely just want to find a good guy to fall in love with. For this reason Rio rejects the advances of Yuji Naruo even though hes obviously quite well off because he comes off as an insincere ladys man. In trying to find love in her life Rio often has more faith in horoscopes and lucky colors in finding a man. However despite all this everything seems to go wrong for her in the end. Some examples are that one date cleaned out her savings and left. Another just dated Rio on a bet. And on a night before New Years which was the night she met Yuji she found out that her boyfriend had a boyfriend of his own which afterward she proceeded to destroy the nightclub they were in.