Maya Jingu

Maya Jingu is drastically different from her predecessor in Burn Up W and Burn Up Excess in almost every way. Visually, her character design is changed quite a bit. The previous Maya had short green hair, and a figure as robust as Rio's. The new Maya is significantly shorter, and less well endowed. Her appearance is quite close to that of a young girl's. Maya is also quiet and soft-spoken, a big difference from the previously excitable Maya. Also, while she is still an expert marksmen and still seems to enjoy causing destruction with her guns, Maya doesn't seem to have the nearly sexual lust for guns as before. Maya also has a bad habit of bluntly pointing out Rio's shortcomings, for which Rio reacts by giving Maya painful noogies on her temple, or other damage which seemed convenient at the time. Maya's other hobbies is collecting toy bears, and in one episode has Rio (with help from Lilica) obtain a top prize bear as payment for losing a training bet. She also has the unusual habit of collecting automatic pistols... and giving them names. And being unusually overprotective of them, like a mother bear with her cubs. (source: Wikipedia)