Maki Kawasaki

Maki Kawasaki is the head of Team Warrior. She received the cases from the top brass and deploys the rest of the team. Maki is serious most of the time dont cross her when shes serious but she does have a sense of humor too. She also seems to have a way of pushing the right buttons. At least Team Warrior doesnt seem to have much of a problem when it comes to favors especially money. Maki has a past about which the rest of the team knows almost nothing. Some years back she has been saved from an attacker by a policeman named Masato. Falling in love with him she decided to become a cop herself and the two married after she graduated from the police academy. However Masato disappeared soon after they married while he was pursuing a case involving black diamonds. She wanted to pursue the case but the chief of police said she was needed to head up a crack SWAT team to take on the toughest of cases: Team Warrior. Thus the issue of the black diamonds was put aside at least for the moment however the case will come back into focus in Excess. Maki cut her hair and donned the glasses when she became captain of Team Warrior. NOTE: Maki Kawazaki does not appear to be in any way related to the Maki from the original Burn Up source: Absolute Anime