Luak was a pirate captain who was based in Roanapur and often raided the coast and rivers of nearby Thailand. Although he was good he had the bad habit of attracting unwanted company Chin once commented that a warship had once pursued him. His latest contract was with the minor crimeboss Chin. It seemed that Dutch had slighted the Chinese boss by favoring Balalaika rather than him and hired Luak to kill him and the Lagoon Company in an ambush Chin had given a trusted source of Dutchs bogus information on a job to send the Lagoon Company. But from the start the mission was doomed. When his six boats tried to flank the Black Lagoon and riddle it with gunfire Dutch managed to quothit the brakesquot by reversing the Black Lagoons engines causing one of Luaks boats to be destroyed in a friendlyfire crossfire. Then Revy took over as she singlehandedly boarded four of the remaining crafts killing the crews and blowing the boats up with a grenade launcher. Seeing his chances diminishing Luak decided to flee the scene ndash only to be killed when Revy blewup his boat. Chin was later killed by Balalaika and quotHotel Moscowquot. Source: Absolute Anime