Yuri Lowell

Weight: 53kg 117 lbs Height: 180cm Weapon: Swords and Axes SubWeapon: Gloves A major part of his time in the imperial knights is with the Niren Corps often arguing with Flynn Scifo Hisca Aiheap and his captain Niren Fedrock though he admires Nirens ideals. His personality during the movie is much more impulsive often doing things on his own holding his ideals in the highest regard. After returning from a mission to destroy a large pack of monsters from attacking a town due to the increase of aer Yuri starts a bar fight with a local guild and manages gains the respect of the guild leader. After Niren and Chastel go to investigate the aer and Flynn goes to request reinforcements in his captains place Yuri and Hisca help to quell another monster attack. During the attack Nirens dog Lambert is taken control of by a monster comprised of pure aer forcing Yuri to kill him. Disheartened Yuri decides to take care of Repede Lamberts son and clashes with Flynn who failed to acquire reinforcements. Niren decides that he must take matters into his own hands as Yuri Flynn and the rest of the Niren Corps go to investigate a fortress which is the center of all of the aer. Yuri more than ever tries to save everyone but after successfully stopping the device causing the overflow of aer the fortress collapses and Yuri fails to save Niren who was caught in a sinking sinkhole. Flynn informs him that Garista Luodur was probably involved in the device as they confront him. When he reveals his plans he attacks Yuri and Flynn. Yuri using the blastia that Niren gave to him before he died catches Garista off guard and kills him. In the aftermath of this Yuri who is seen in his familiar black clothes from the game leaves the knights with Repede who now has Nirens pipe. The experiences Yuri had in the movie carries on with him throughout the game. Yuri grew up in the Lower Quarter of Zaphias with Flynn and according to many of the residents there such as Ted they were the best of friends and shared everything even the first sword that they bought together. Growing up as a commoner caused Yuri to develop a dislike for the empires nobility and so throughout his adventure Yuri tends to take the commoners side in disputes. He is not afraid to take difficult matters into his own hands and throughout his travels comes to decide that taking the law into his own hands is the only way to ensure that the villains of the world are punished. However as shown by his conversation with Flynn in Mantaic he is fully aware that in doing so he may be bringing himself closer to those whom he despises. Yuri is capable of using both swords and axes in battle though axes usually slow him down. Yuri and Flynn joined the imperial knights together but Yuri left after a few months by his own account because he could not stand their corruption. His short time as a knight allowed him to travel outside of the capital but he was unable to do so as regularly as Flynn.